87% empowers its users to measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

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87% empowers its users to take charge of their wellbeing, stay healthy and benefit from improved happiness. We facilitate this with measurable data that makes mental wellbeing tangible and helps businesses and individuals to track progress and make improvements over time, whilst building effective and enduring wellbeing strategies.


Is to measure, understand and improve employee mental wellbeing.


Everyone has mental health. Yet only 13% of adults report living with high levels of good mental health. We represent the 87%.


After a detailed, personal and private assessment, users receive a mental fitness score and personalised guidance to help them build resilience and positive mental health.

These insights help businesses make long-term health and wellbeing decisions that are guaranteed to bring benefits.


To businesses: Aggregated and anonymous data, delivered through interactive dashboards, provides deep insights into the wellbeing of staff. Focus on the areas of greatest need for maximum benefit to develop better long-term mental wellbeing.

  • Reduce the cost of wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Drive engagement.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase productivity.

To users: This detailed level of analysis means that we can offer you personalised guidance in the form of advice, exercises, fitness enhancing programmes, life coaching and coping strategies, all available from a team of clinical psychologists.

  • Track your mental fitness with complete confidentiality.
  • Build healthy habits and resilience through a range of techniques brought to you by a team of clinical psychologists.
  • Access a full range of professional support.
  • Take charge of your wellbeing, stay healthy and benefit from improved happiness.

Learn more here: https://www.87percent.co.uk/benefits.


E: info@87percent.me


We are proud to be working with a range of leading organisations that put their employee wellbeing front and centre, from emergency medical organisations to FTSE companies.

Below is what a few happy clients and users have to say. You can see more success stories by visiting: https://www.87percent.co.uk/our-work.

“87% offers a comprehensive review of users’ wellbeing and provides a simple way of understanding and measuring our mental health. This allows our employees to monitor their happiness, satisfaction and purpose in life, empowering them to make small changes that make big differences.”
James Hilton, Founder and Chairman of M&C Saatchi Performance

“The content, layout and quality of the info is brilliant. There is Covid and non-Covid stuff, medical and non-medical stuff and it is all engaging and so well put together. Well done, this is a triumph.”
Dr Sunil Dasan, Chair of RCEM’s Sustainable Working Practices Committee

“I absolutely love this beautiful and intelligent app! Made such a difference to how I perceive life by transforming my mental fitness. The introspection inspired me and helped me be more resilient than ever before. It has incredibly comprehensive tracks, offers reports, and curates invaluable insights. Highly recommend.”
Emergency Physician

“Easy to navigate, user friendly and set up in such a way that spending a few minutes a day reflecting on your mental health is easy and helpful. Thank you.”

“The content on the homepage is so current, so relevant, it’s for right now.”

“There is rigorous psychology content – it takes my head out of the medical side and makes me think differently.”

“It’s a tiny bit addictive – this is really cool – I want to read/click everything.”

“This is awesome, I am also a coach and will be using this with all of my clients.”

“Very grateful for having this app. It’s worth investing a minute or two each day to monitor mental wellbeing.”