Amazon invests in pay increases for US and Canada delivery service partners

Amazon delivery service partnersOnline retail giant Amazon has invested more than $440 million (£353 million) to help its US and Canada delivery service partners (DSPs) increase pay and benefits for drivers.

While individual wages and benefits will vary depending on the delivery service provider and geography, US delivery associates will now be able to earn $20.50 per hour on average or more, along with healthcare and other benefits.

In addition, the organisation has introduced a childcare support service, provided by Upwards for DSPs to further invest in their employees and help them care for their families. Through the service, DSP employees will have access to a 24/7 concierge service to assist with finding childcare that fits their needs and provide information for emergency childcare. Staff can also work with a care manager to find a caregiver, post a care opportunity, or search for and reach out to a caregiver directly.

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Amazon has also expanded its Next Mile education programme, provided by InStride, which offers eligible DSP employees access to more than 2,000 academic programmes and up to $5,250 (£4,212) in tuition cover per year. In addition to the in-network coursework that DSP staff have free access to, they can now be reimbursed for coursework completed at any accredited institution outside the network. The programme will be extended into Canada in 2024.

Beryl Tomay, vice president, last mile delivery and technology at Amazon, said: “Thank you to the incredible DSP community. The ongoing partnership and the contributions they and their drivers make help us better serve Amazon customers, and we appreciate it. The increased DSP rates will continue to support them in their efforts to recruit and retain high-performing teams.”