Bradbury Group launches suicide prevention training

Bradbury Group

Steel door and physical security manufacturer Bradbury Group has introduced suicide prevention training for its 200 employees, to support staff mental health and wellbeing and raise awareness around suicide support services.

The training, which was launched on Monday 25 February 2019, is provided via video by Zero Suicide Alliance, a collaboration of National Health Service (NHS) trusts, employers and individuals committed to suicide prevention. The training videos inform staff about spotting the signs that someone is feeling suicidal, having conversations in a supportive manner and signposting to professional services and support.

The videos use scenarios to help demonstrate these points, for example talking about suicide to a colleague, stranger or family member.

The organisation has set up computers and laptops in spare rooms on-site to encourage employees to complete the training during work hours.

Tim Strawson, managing director at Bradbury Group, said: “Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45, and a life is lost through suicide every two hours. It’s important that, as employers, we do what we can to address these statistics.

“We’ve introduced the suicide prevention training so our staff are able to recognise when someone they know might be feeling suicidal and feel confident in having a conversation to support individuals opening up about how they’re feeling. They will also feel more able [to] signpost to the professional services in the area.”

Bradbury Group has launched the training in conjunction with a local campaign, #TalkSuicide, organised by the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership. This aims to improve the available support for those experiencing suicidal thoughts, raising awareness of free suicide prevention training and tackling the stigma surrounding the topic.

The opportunity for training was first communicated to staff at an induction event on Thursday 21 February 2019, where senior managers and directors explained to employees why it was being introduced. This was followed up with emails, staff social media posts and printed communications on-site.

The training videos signal the start of a range of health and wellbeing activities Bradbury Group is keen to implement. This includes hosting clinics where employees can speak to NHS professionals and looking to arrange mental health training.

Bradbury Group’s new facilities in Scunthorpe have been designed to address employee health and wellbeing too, with a canteen that offers healthy food menus, payable using cashless technology or optional salary deduction, and an on-site gym nearing completion, including showing facilities.

Strawson added: “We want every single staff member at Bradbury Group to feel comfortable in having conversations about mental health. The introduction of this suicide prevention training is only the start and will be proceeded by a number of new initiatives over the coming months.

“Regard for the health and wellbeing of our employees is at the heart of how we work as a business, so we are committed to ensuring Bradbury always remains a positive and supportive working environment.”