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Each Person makes it simple and affordable for businesses to show appreciation to employees in a positive and engaging way.

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We believe that each person deserves to be recognised for a job well done. However more often than not, businesses fail to look after their most important asset – their employees. This leads to alienation, indifference and negativity.

As the lifeblood of our economy, this can have devastating effects on industry and trade in Britain. In recent years, we have seen a sharp decline in productivity and we are now 15% less productive per employee than our EU neighbours and have seen only meagre growth of 1.4% in the past decade.

As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), Each Person plans to address this issue. Set up by philanthropist Bryan Duffy in 2017, the Each Person recognition and rewards platform, fuelled by epoints, aims to help businesses connect better with employees, by showing appreciation in a positive and engaging way. When employees are recognised and rewarded: they work harder, they work smarter and they stick around a lot longer.

Each Person makes company recognition simple and cost-effective. Our platform can be used free-of-charge by companies to monitor the recognition activity taking place in their organisation using real-time reporting. We also offer the option to use the “epoints” currency to provide a tangible reward for employees, from the world’s largest reward catalogue, with 100% of investment spent on employee rewards.


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Simple for employers
Businesses need to do more to show employees that they are appreciated and valued. With top-down and peer-to-peer epoints sharing, powerful reporting and a highly flexible set-up, it’s simple to reward and recognise your team with Each Person in a positive and engaging way.

Key benefits include:

Cost Effective
With the Each Person employee recognition and rewards scheme, employers can get up and running without having to pay any set up fees. There are also no maintenance costs, with 100% of the company investment going to employee rewards when you adopt our standard platform.

Flexibility and tailoring
Option to personalise and tailor the company recognition scheme to a business’ objectives and values. This could include recognising employees for meeting sales targets or for demonstrating behaviours such as team work or going the extra mile.

Cross-organisational recognition
Facilitates peer-to-peer and top down recognition. Managers can send an ecard alone as a simple non-monetary value acknowledgment and can attach the epoints currency as a reward. Employee participation in the scheme is also ensured as the programme enables colleagues to send each other epoints and ecards.

Real-time reporting
Get visibility of everything going on within your business from a  recognition and rewards perspective with our powerful reporting views. This gives employers the opportunity to track how engaged employees are in the company recognition scheme.

The Each Person company recognition scheme is simple to set-up and use. We do the hard work for you to get you onto the platform painlessly and to get everyone using it. The Each Person platform is simple to use even for those not technically savvy.

Loved by employees
Typically recognition and rewards schemes fail to excite employees, and bear little relevance to what they actually want. Each Person is different.

Key features employees will love include:

Best rewards
Fuelled by the epoints currency, which can be spent on a wide range of products, vouchers and experiences. Employee participation and engagement is ensured as employees can choose their own rewards that they personally find valuable. This secures engagement across all generations of the workforce.

Collect anywhere
epoints can also be quickly and easily earned outside the workplace via a range of simple everyday activities, such as shopping online at 1500+ retailers, shopping on the high street at 85,000+ stores, playing games and much more. This ensures employee participation as employees can rapidly earn enough epoints value to spend on rewards they’ll love.

Best deals
We provide money-saving tools for employees with our mobile app, where they can find all the best deals across the high street and online. Employees will earn epoints when taking advantage of any of the deals on offer. We also source exclusive discounts on everything from mobile to energy bills. Employee participation is ensured as they save money and get rewarded – what’s not to love?

Daily prizes
Delight employees with our addictive prize mechanic on the epoints app. The app features the fun in-app game where users can win a daily prize every day. There are thousands of prizes up for grabs every month. Gamification is a great way of forming habit and it’s fun!

The Each Person company recognition scheme is built around the needs of employees, aligning recognition and rewards to business objectives, focusing on three key areas:

Tangible Targets
We know that setting clear, measurable targets can be very motivating, particularly when there is a tangible reward for hitting it. It encourages healthy competition and instills pride in employees who are recognised for their efforts.

Magic Moments
When something remarkable happens, we should recognise. Whether it’s recognition and rewards for long-service, a birthday or anniversary or simply saying “thanks” for an extra effort.

Living Well (coming soon)
We are all more aware of our wellbeing and the health of our planet. The blurring of lines between wellbeing at work and home and concern for the environment is demanding that employers look at wellness more holistically.


Trusted by Bupa, C2C and Specsavers

“We have been really happy with the results so far and the way our teams across the UK have embraced Each Person. It has not only enabled us to demonstrate that we really appreciate all our employees’ hard work but it has also made each and every member of the team, across the UK, feel part of our special community”
Will Guy, Strategic HR Business Partner, People, Bupa Care Services

“The Each Person reward and recognition scheme has transformed the way we work. It’s so simple to send ecards and epoints to staff and I have seen a boost in morale as a direct result. A simple thank you goes a long way.”
Emma Staples, Bupa Care Home Manager, Elmstead

Each Person is unique employee incentive scheme that has been very successful in its roll out throughout Specsavers stores. As staff can choose their own rewards, it has been hugely motivational for them and this in turn has had a significant impact on both employee engagement and sales.”
Jill Clark, Director of Retail Stores, Specsavers


Matt Norbury – CEO and founder – m.norbury@eachperson.com
Jason Cooling – Head of Key Accounts – j.cooling@eachperson.com
Ella Wyatt – Sales and Marketing Executive – e.wyatt@iatltd.com