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A bespoke financial wellbeing benefit that includes one-to-one coaching, educational courses and workshops, to support teams where it matters most

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About Us

Claro Wellbeing was founded upon an unshakeable belief that financial education should be democratised.

Too few of us are taught essential financial skills at school or at work. As a result, many of us face barriers when seeking help.

Poor financial wellbeing costs companies billions every year. Our mission is to provide your employees with personalised financial guidance to make them feel more confident and supported in their roles, boost engagement and performance, and help you retain staff and attract the best talent.

We are bringing financial wellbeing to your workforce through one-to-one coaching sessions, interactive company webinars and accessible educational resources.

Our packages are designed and delivered by our in-house expert financial coaches, who’ve helped hundreds of people on their financial journey and to take actionable steps to move forwards. We’ve worked with a number of businesses including Santander, Ogilvy, CMAC, The Bunch and Novos to help them support their teams’ financial wellbeing.

From recent graduates to senior executives, each of your employees has something to gain from our financial wellbeing programme.

Our Products

One-to-one financial coaching delivered to all employees by our in-house, expert coaches

24/7 on-demand Learning Management System and financial education platform

Tailored financial education courses

Interactive webinars and in-person workshops

Budgeting platform and tools

Whatsapp with a coach

Rewards & Recognition platform

Interactive Finance Fridays


Contact details

Address: 4.G, The Leather Market, Weston St, London SE1 3ER
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