Employee wellbeing app launches new impact tracking analytics dashboard

The new feature provides more visibility to your account while tracking your employees engagement

The new employee wellbeing app Myles Wellbeing has just launched an impact analytics feature on the admin dashboard. This provides users with access to a range of graphs and statistics about your team or organisation.

The feature allows you to select a custom date range and then look at the numbers for areas such as the different types of activities recorded, total steps and the total duration of activities recorded.

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This data can be used for a number of things such as:

  • Evaluating the impact of the platform
  • Sharing internally to boost motivation
  • Shouting about on LinkedIn / company blog to tell the world how great your team is
  • Informing internal initiatives based on popular activity types

The new analytics feature is available to all customers on the full version of Myles Wellbeing. It’s a great tool to see the range of activities that your employees are doing but also how much their activity levels are improving.

Importantly, the data provided is not available for individual employees; Myles Wellbeing believes that looking at the analytics of the group as a whole, whilst protecting the privacy of individuals is the best way forwards.