How employers can help employees embrace a healthier lifestyle

Health and wellness has become a popular topic within HR and Employee Benefits Teams in the last couple of years. Employers have realised that offering healthy benefits as part of their company strategy leads to happier and more productive staff. Here are six simple ways companies can help employees embrace a healthier life:

Promote exercise
Encouraging employees to exercise is not only beneficial for their health but for their abilities in the workplace. Incorporating exercise into your routine can improve concentration, sharpen your memory, fasten your learning abilities, enhance creativity and lower stress levels. Physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days and in general are in better health.

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Create a balance
Working late can quickly become a bad habit, especially when employees are stressed. Creating a balanced workplace is vital to a happy company, enhancing productivity, creating job satisfaction and retaining employees. Providing support to hardworking staff is vital for their mental and emotional wellbeing. It may also help putting in place workplace stress management systems to ensure your employees aren’t working themselves into the ground and that your company doesn’t promote working late.

Organise company outings
A company event is a great way to let your employees know that their wellbeing is important and it isn’t all about work. It will show you appreciate your staff, boost their morale and allow colleagues to get to know each other in a non-stressful environment.  Activity based events are good for boosting team spirit amongst staff and you can select ones that are healthy, for instance a sports day, mini-golf course games, basketball or trampolining. Organising company outings involving physical activity will allow employees to relieve stress and promote a fitter lifestyle.

Help with childcare
The cost of childcare can take up a huge portion of a family’s salary and can become a struggle for employees to plan their time accordingly. It is in a company’s best interest to help their employees with childcare, so their staff with families don’t end up too stressed, end up running themselves ragged or resigning. Offering flexible hours to employees can allow them to create the hours they prefer and makes it easier for parents to prioritise their child(ren). It also highlights to your workforce that their health and wellbeing is a priority.

Buy healthy snacks
If you are looking to make small healthy changes within your company then purchasing high quality healthy snacks is a great way to do so. Ditch the chocolates and sweets, and swap them for some more nutritional options such as fruit, vegetables or yoghurts. Consumption of unhealthy snacking can lead to health issues which costs company’s money and time! Offering healthy snacks to employees is beneficial to not only your workforce but also your business’s bank balance.   

Inform staff about discounted health, sports & fitness products
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