EXCLUSIVE: HelloFresh expands financial wellbeing service across UK offices

HelloFreshMeal kit business HelloFresh has rolled out a financial wellbeing platform to an additional 120 UK employees this month, to ensure access for its 582-strong office-based workforce.

The platform, provided by Bippit, offers free access to professionally qualified financial coaches, able to confidentially deal with concerns or questions they have through video calls and a messaging system. The service is free for employees with no tax implications.

According to HelloFresh, those already using the platform have reported a positive impact, with 89% saying they feel more knowledgeable, 93% more organised, and 90% more confident when it comes to their financial wellbeing.

The business introduced the service as it wanted to support its mostly mid to late 20s workforce encountering credit cards, loans, mortgages and pensions for the first time, and give them access to a service that gave them expert financial assistance on these topics.

Monica Glover, HR executive at HelloFresh, said: “When we looked at our benefits we identified a gap in financial wellbeing. It can be overwhelming as you’re not taught about those things at school, and it means that very few of us are actually comfortable with these financial matters. It’s something we think is really important for businesses to offer, and in our case it’s even more vital given the demographics of our team.”

“As a business, looking after our people in this way is just common sense. The level of financial support that Bippit gives our team is not something every employer is offering right now, and I think that really sets us apart. Bippit will definitely help us reduce stress and create a happier and healthier workforce.”