EXCLUSIVE: Vita Mojo launches financial coaching tool for staff

vita mojo

Food and drink ordering technology business Vita Mojo has launched a financial coaching and money management tool for its more than 90 employees.

Vita Mojo, which works with brands including Gail’s, YO!, Leon and Honest Burgers, has introduced a financial wellbeing platform provided by Bippit. The platform includes access to professional coaching matched to the needs of each individual. The service is free of charge for employees, with no tax implications.

Employees first answer a series of questions about their financial concerns or needs, and are then connected with a professionally qualified financial coach in order to help them achieve their goals and plan for the future in a confidential space.

Through the tool, staff can track their goals, analyse spending, review financial healthchecks, and participate in challenges. In addition, employees can access personalised learning resources through the platform, as well as monthly interactive workshops covering subjects such as pensions and protection.

Vita Mojo introduced the service as part of its overall wellbeing approach, centred around three pillars: creating a psychologically safe workplace by removing stressors, providing resources and education, and helping staff cope effectively with crises or impact events.

Other benefits provided by the organisation include flexible-working options, mental health days, an £80 lifestyle budget, a discount scheme for wellbeing activities, birthday holiday days, and carer leave.

Hannah Halder, head of people and culture at Vita Mojo, said: “Worrying about money has a huge impact on mental health and having solid knowledge and literacy can help support overall wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing has been on our radar for a while. We’ve invested as a company in physical and mental wellbeing for our team, and have been looking at financial wellbeing as the last piece as part of a holistic wellbeing approach. I hadn’t loved the financial wellbeing products that I had seen but when Bippit was recommended to me, I had a look and was incredibly excited about its service.

“We’re proponents of personalised wellbeing and that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. As humans, we all have similar needs but the way those needs are met vary from person to person. Within the team we know that we have varying levels of financial literacy and simply doing workshops or lunch-and-learn sessions wouldn’t address the range of financial wellbeing needs that exist.

“We currently offer personal and professional coaching for our team and know how well that works for those who take it up, so Bippit was a natural fit for us. We love that you can work with a coach on anything from basic budgeting to planning for the future to how to invest in cryptocurrency. That’s true personalisation and means that [employees] can choose the support they need and will find the most valuable.”