Huma is a global healthtech company transforming healthcare through digital biomarkers and therapeutics.


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Huma is helping UK employers to get their employees back to work quickly and safely. Through a revolutionary app, employees can help prevent COVID-19 from entering the workplace which limits further disruption so businesses can recover faster. 

About Huma

The healthcare industry is built on a reactive rather than proactive model. We are late in diagnosing and intercepting patients with limited to no visibility of the disease progression outside of clinical settings, where chronic disease patients spend more than 95% of their time. Traditional medicine has relied on periodic data/insights generated via clinical visits, lab tests, medical imaging and genomics. With periodic data, it is almost impossible to deliver true proactive/predictive care. We need real time insights to deliver real time healthcare.

Huma believes in digital biomarkers, a new category of medicine based on signatures found in the data generated by our bodies – the way we walk, talk, or behave. Digital biomarkers are defined as objective, quantifiable physiological and behavioural data that are collected and measured by means of digital devices such as portables, wearables, implantable or digestible. Whether collected actively through patient engagement and queries or passively via wearables and medical sensors, these signatures or biomarkers not only detect diseases, but also quantify and manage treatments in ways impossible before. Each digital biomarker will be a key part of developing a Digital Medicine, supporting a variety of diseases and delivering true proactive/predictive medicine. A machine that is always on and proactively protecting the health of everyone 24/7.

We have created a platform with 7 pillars to enable partners to discover, validate and commercially launch digital biomarkers and digital medicine for a variety of diseases. We are the catalyst that helps Apple optimise patients for surgery, Tencent track Parkinson’s Disease, J&J screen and diagnose Alzheimer’s, and Bayer aim to predict heart attacks. We have a growing list of digital biomarkers in the Huma pipeline. Our aim is to build, together with our partners, the largest portfolio of digital biomarkers in the world.


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We partner with the world’s largest healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, governments, research institutes, insurers and technology companies to provide cutting edge digital healthcare innovation. Our primary areas of expertise are remote patient monitoring and digital biomarkers. We have offices in London, Shanghai and New York.

The COVID-19 Return to Work App: Huma Health Shield

Huma Health Shield is an app that employees can use to help prevent COVID-19 from entering the workplace which limits further disruption so businesses can recover faster. Before coming to work, employees check if they are experiencing any symptoms, receive a personal risk assessment of developing serious complications and access official guidance on COVID-19 prevention.

Huma’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Huma’s Medopad platform is a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telemedicine solution. It can help to remotely manage patients diagnosed with COVID-19 by tracking symptoms, vital signs, and deterioration. It can also automatically flag high-risk patients. A flexible, fast-to-deploy solution, it enables health services to intervene early, optimise clinical resources, and better manage system capacity.

Huma’s Virtual Clinical Trial Solution

In response to COVID-19, Huma has configured a decentralised trial solution focused on remote data capture. This includes e-consent, ePRO collection, biometric capture, wearables, and telemedicine/virtual visits. This out-of-the-box solution can be deployed in 15 days and is easily integrable into other systems.


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