Improving productivity at work in the summer

When the warm weather finally hits the UK, the last thing people want to do is to be stuck inside and unable to make the most of it. Therefore, productivity can fall and employees can become easily distracted by wanting to be on holiday or outside.

Implement fitness breaks
Most companies allow their employees to have cigarette breaks, therefore why not allow your workplace a much healthier break in the form of a workout. Sitting at a desk all day can not only be damaging to your staff’s health but also their productivity. Organise for your employees to have group workouts at your workplace as it will make people feel fitter, happier and revived. A group workout class is also a fantastic way to build team spirit and enable employees to engage with one another.

Encourage employees to use their annual leave
Everyone needs a break from work and encouraging employees to getaway during the summer will give them something to look forward to. Using their annual leave will allow staff to relax and recharge after workplace stress, especially if the summer is going to be quiet.

Introduce flexible working
Flexible hours or working from home during the summer can allow for employees to better manage their work and personal life. It gives staff more autonomy and control over where they need to be, for instance with regards to looking after young ones or needing to go to a health appointment. Providing flexible work options during the summer such as early finishes on Fridays, shorter work hours or longer lunch break can also boost morale and make employees more productivity within their working day.

Plan summer projects
Office attendance is often sparse during the summer as there will be a high number of employees using their annual leave. The quieter workspace can sometimes cause a lack of motivation and productivity. Employers should plan ahead for absences to ensure their employees are able to complete their workload if senior members of staff are going away. Summertime can be used as an opportunity to get ahead of upcoming projects and plan for the whole year.

Provide rewards
Recognise and praise your employees for their achievements by providing rewards initiatives that acknowledge productivity, accomplishments and employees going above and beyond. Incentives can engage employees and reduce the risk of unproductivity. Offering wellness solutions such as Office Yoga, Office Pilates, Office Massages, Office Tai Chi, Office Reflexology and Office Aromatherapy will provide employees with a break from their desks, the chance to destress and refocus their minds.

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