Increasing engagement with total reward in the UK

In the UK, eight-in-ten employees underestimate the value of their total reward by up to 30%.

When we consider this statistic, it’s mind-blowing to think the majority of people who work for your company have no idea just what value they receive from their employer. A new generation is entering the workforce, bringing a very different set of expectations and values beyond a competitive salary. Employers need to provide elements of work that didn’t exist just 10 or 15 years ago:

  • Personalised benefitspackages
  • Employee wellbeing offerings
  • Engaging, physical workspaces
  • Social and culture-led workplace communities
  • CSR and green initiatives

In terms of what an employer can deliver, these elements can be grouped under the interlinking umbrellas of employee experience and personalisation – and can all be displayed within total rewards.

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