E.ON invests in financial seminars to boost knowledge

Energy firm E.ON has launched a financial education programme for its 17,000 UK employees in an effort to boost take up of its benefits and also to reduce stress levels related to financial problems.

The company is running financial education seminars at 30 of its most heavily-populated sites until June and has recruited a finance expert from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), to work exclusively for E.ON and present the sessions to staff.

Georgina Gallagher, specialist HR employee benefits at E.ON, said: “This is about helping our employees on a confidential basis to make the most of their money. We hope this initiative may go some way towards reducing employees’ stress levels.”

Each session lasts 90 minutes and covers issues such as borrowing, savings and investments, retirement, and perks available at E.ON. Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of staff at each site. For example, sessions taking place at a call centre where the majority of employees are relatively young, could cover student loans. “To reach as many of our employees as possible, our aim is to do a minimum of three days at our main locations before the end of June,” added Gallagher. Employees at remote sites will get the chance to see a presentation via a DVD.