Grant Thornton harmonises benefits plans post merger

Grant Thornton has harmonised its pension provision and other perks and also introduced total reward statements, following a merger last July with accountancy firm Robson Rhodes.

A new stakeholder pension scheme has been introduced for all staff, with provision for employee contributions of between 3% and 8% to be matched by the firm.

Previously, Grant Thornton employees could sign up to a stakeholder pension scheme in which employer contributions were based on age. Robson Rhodes operated a group personal pension under which staff who made a 4% pension contribution received a 6% contribution from their employer.

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A new online benefits scheme has also been set up that allows staff to trade holiday entitlement and life assurance up and down.

The firm has also reviewed providers of the other perks common to both businesses and which will now be offered through a new benefits scheme called Your Benefits, Your Choice, provided by Vebnet. New employee-funded options for both sets of staff have also added including critical illness cover, dental insurance, travel insurance and carbon offsetting through the environmental charity Pure.

Jenny Balme, national director of HR operations at Grant Thornton, said: “This was an opportunity for us to give employees something new, coupled with elements of what they already had. There are [both] employer-funded and employee-funded benefits involved.”