Terryberry acquires CottrillsReward


Global recognition provider Terryberry has acquired UK-based reward and recognition organisation CottrillsReward.

Following the merger, the business will be known as TerryberryReward in the UK and will provide organisations with reward and recognition programmes that are designed to engage and stimulate employees to achieve business objectives. This includes initiatives such as long-service awards and targeted incentives.

The Macclesfield-based organisation will continue to serve its current corporate clients, including AstraZeneca, Ford Motor Company, Marks and Spencer, Network Rail and Tesco.

Paul Calnan has been appointed as TerryberryReward’s managing director, and his focus will be on developing the organisation’s strategy in the UK and Europe. He will be based at the business’ new combined office site at Beech Lane, Macclesfield to take over from Karl Massey, founder at CottrillsReward.

Calnan said: “Joining with US-based Terryberry allows us to offer clients an expended selection of reward and recognition offerings, including more fantastic online tools and administrative features than ever before. We now offer a global support network with multi-lingual functionality and additional capabilities to equip us with more resources to assist our clients with bespoke projects. This is an exciting new era for our customers and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring even greater value and impact to our clients.

“We are eager to announce a variety of new recognition and reward offerings at Employee Benefits Live in London this autumn, which we expect to be enthusiastically received by the marketplace.”

Mike Byam, chief executive officer at Terryberry, added: “We are delighted with the merger of these great businesses. Our combined strengths mean we can provide clients in the UK and worldwide with new and innovative reward products to support their business ambitions and engage all employees.”