Frankenstein castle looks for new guard


Something for the weekend…

The setting for the new Frankenstein film, ‘Victor Frankenstein’, which will be released in November, is looking for a new deputy custodian guard.

The well-known castle just outside of Stonehaven, Scotland, will also offer its new recruit the opportunity to enhance their health and wellbeing; the guard will have to climb 272 steps several times a day.

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The castle is located on a clifftop 160 feet above the North Sea and dates back to the early Middle Ages.

Jim Wands, custodian at Dunnottar Castle, said: “To say it’s the best job I’ve ever had is an understatement. There’s something new to do every day. I love it.

“It ranges from property maintenance to health and safety, opening the castle to shutting the castle. It’s so varied and like no other job.”

We at Employee Benefits are wondering what workplace perks are best suited to castle-based employees…