In numbers: Benefits for a multi-generational workforce

Multi-generational workforce in numbers

A round-up of statistics on benefits for a multi-generational workforce.

  1. 30% of employer respondents offer age-related wellness programmes (Source: Mercer, October 2015)
  2. 69% of employers believe regular age discrimination checks and reviewing their pay and benefits from an age perspective are effective or very effective (Source: Mercer, October 2015)
  3. 45% of employers offer advice and support to staff caring for older relatives (Source: Mercer October 2015)
  4. 87% have adapted their workplace pension scheme to suit the needs of millennial workers (Source: Aegon UK, October 2015)
  5. 67% of generation Z employees view salary as the most important aspect of a job (Source: The Forum Coporation, March 2016)
  6. 78% of employer respondents feel ill-prepared to deal with generation Z employees coming into the workplace (Source: The Forum Corporation, March 2016)