Canada Life research: A third of employees want better work-life balance

More than a third (37%) of employees would like a better work-life balance, according to research by Canada Life.

The Canada Life research into employee absence, which surveyed 1,226 people in August 2011, asked what incentives could be offered to prevent employees taking time off work.

For most respondents, flexible working was at the top of the list, as 59% cited flexible hours, 53% said the chance to work from home, and 31% said flexible holidays.

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Women would value the chance to work at home, with 54% choosing this option compared to 49% of men. Men valued a good work-life balance, with 46% citing it as an incentive for not taking time off, compared to 34% of women.

In terms of employee age, 46% of 21-30 year olds would value a bonus for 100% attendance, while 18% of 61-65 year olds said the same.

Instead, this age group would prefer the opportunity to work flexible hours, cited by 75%, or a better work-life balance, cited by 45%.

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