North Yorkshire County Council offers green cars


North Yorkshire County Council has offered its 18,000 members of staff a car salary sacrifice scheme since 2010, but over the years, it has been necessary for the council to adapt its offering to better suit its workforce.

Since it was first introduced, the scheme has expanded to offer staff more choice. For instance, employees now have 4,200 cars to choose from, including a selection of green and low-emission vehicles.

The scheme also closely monitors mileage and provides those who are at risk of going over their limit with the option to change their agreement to receive an early notification in order to help them avoid higher costs.

Sarah France-Gorton, principal adviser, resourcing and reward at North Yorkshire County Council, says: “An important benefit for staff using this scheme is the hassle free factor; everything is included except fuel. Another important consideration is the cost of running older less economical cars and its impact on the environment; the use of the salary sacrifice scheme brings benefits on both fronts.

She adds: “Since the implementation date, the marketing focus has been around environmentally friendly cars, product range and the salary sacrifice savings made.”