Employees asked to pay back fares for flight that landed in New York’s Hudson River

Bank of America employees travelling on the flight that landed in New York’s Hudson River on 16 January were reportedly asked to refund the cost of their tickets.

The 23 employees on board the US Airways flight 1549 were on their way to the bank’s head quarters in North Carolina when the plane miraculously landed in the river.

Shortly after the incident, Bank of America was commended for looking after its employees after they were safely escorted to dry land, providing them with clothes, transport and even a locksmith for those who had left keys in their luggage.

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But, a day or so later, the bank reportedly asked the 23 employees to pay back the cost of their tickets on the grounds that their business trip had been cancelled.

Bank of America has since apologised and reportedly blamed the department responsible for handling travel expenses for following standard procedures.

The bank said there was no expectation for staff to return the money.

It has also been reported that employees received a refund for the cost of their tickets and a $5,000 payout to cover their expenses from the airline.