Absence management is top priority

Absence management is the top priority for employer respondents, according to research by Best Doctors.

The annual Best Doctors/Canada Life survey found that, with regards to workplace health, respondents are also prioritising communications (18%), cost mitigation (15%) and return on investment (6%).

The main objective for respondents’ workplace health benefits programmes was the integration of benefits (29%), while 15% of respondents said it was to differentiate the business and make it competitive, to retain and attract staff, and to tackle absence management.

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Dominic Howard, director, Europe at Best Doctors, said: “Our respondents confirmed that their primary objective was integration; ensuring their benefits worked in tandem with one another to ensure maximum efficiency with regards to communication, lowering absence levels, employee appreciation and cost.

“However, when it comes to determining the importance of those objectives, by and large, our respondents are looking for benefits communication to improve employee awareness to then positively affect staff retention and recruitment.”