Stott and May provides motivation with an engaging workplace


Recruitment business Stott and May has gone out of its way to ensure the office is not just seen as a place of work as it seeks to appeal to a modern workforce.

The firm’s London office is decorated in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, while its New York equivalent is themed around Alice in Wonderland. There is also the boardroom, now known as the ‘inventing room’, where people can write ideas on the walls, in an attempt to stimulate creativity.

Stephen Stott, chief executive officer, says: “Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, even to the aesthetics in the office, so it feels like an extension of their life outside work, and that’s helped to ensure there’s a real community.”

The business has also looked to bring the staff of all generations together with benefits that include free breakfasts for all employees, a table-tennis table that staff of all ages regularly use, and other team-based challenges such as cycling or in-house competitions.