The desk staff can use in bed

Working from bed-2015

Something for the weekend…

Getting out of bed in the morning for work can be challenging at the best of times, but particularly on these dark, chilly winter mornings.  

Have you ever wished you could work not only from home, but also from the warmth of your own cosy bed?

Thanks to Japan’s top gadget creators, Thanko Global Technology, you now can.

The Super Gorone Desk is a collapsible desk frame that allows users to elevate their laptop to any position they like. 

The fully flexible design enables users to lower a laptop in front of them while lying down in bed.

Japan Trend Shop is selling the frames for £78 each, which includes a USB-powered fan and space to fit laptops or notebooks of up to 20mm thickness.

The only potential obstacle is that the instructions are in Japanese.

It brings a whole new meaning to duvet days.