Starbucks China introduces sabbatical leave and housing allowance subsidy


Starbucks is introducing a sabbatical leave policy and housing allowance subsidy for its 30,000 Chinese employees.

The organisation’s Career Coffee Break scheme enables employees with 10 consecutive years of service to take a sabbatical of up to 12 months. Although the leave is unpaid, employees will still be entitled to receive their workplace benefits.

The scheme, which is already offered as a benefit to Starbuck’s US staff, aims to recognise the efforts of long-serving employees.

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The coffee shop chain is also introducing a monthly housing allowance subsidy for full-time baristas and shift supervisors. The subsidy is available to employees after six months of service.

The benefit, which is expected to cover 50% of employees’ monthly housing expenses, is designed to help staff overcome the financial challenges they might face while starting out in their careers.

Belinda Wong, president of Starbucks China, said: “These and other industry-leading [employee] investments demonstrate our continued commitment to support our China [employees] to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.”