Negotiations of the naughty kind

Something for the weekend …

You should never mix business with pleasure, or so the saying goes. But a new book flies in the face of that conventional wisdom.

The Kama Sutra of work: Why work is the new sex and how to make sure you’re getting enough, authored by Avril Millar, argues that the two settings are more closely linked than many would admit, and that staff should use the language of sex to boost their prospects. 

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The guide is intended to transport confidence and success in the bedroom to a financially comfortable future.

This, erm, unconventional approach could be a motivation booster for employees who enjoy giving too much detail when it comes to their personal lives.

The author explains: “Most of us apply the same language in the bedroom as we do to our work, we just don’t realise it. After reading my book the similarities will be clear, allowing anyone to exploit them for more fun under the covers and behind their desk.”