VIDEO: Sarah Purnell: Changing workplace demographic needs more choice


The key to designing a benefits package for a changing workplace demographic is to give employees choice, said Sarah Purnell, head of UK reward and benefits at Tesco in an interview with Debbie Lovewell-Tuck, deputy editor of Employee Benefits.

She said: “It’s a mixture of the package itself and giving people choice. A 16-year old and a 70-year old are not going to want the same thing. 

“It’s how to make the package as tailored as we can and also recognise that we can’t tailor it to everybody.”

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The changing workplace demographic is just one of the main drivers that will impact reward in the coming years, added Purnell. She also outlined the continued effect of the recession and how it has changed people’s attitudes to money.

Purnell spoke at a session titled ‘The outlook for reward and benefits as the economy improves’ at the Employee Benefits Summit in Alicante, Spain on 14-16 May.