UK Power Networks launches wellbeing programme supported by Olympic athletes

Toby Garbett

Electricity distribution organisation UK Power Networks has introduced a wellbeing programme for its 5,700 staff, which features Olympic athletes talking to employees about their physical and mental resilience.

Its Your Energy programme, which launched in June 2017 and will run for 18 months, has been designed to help staff enhance their energy levels, as well as support employees in increasing their performance and resilience both in and out of work.

The programme focuses around three key areas, branded Energy In, which covers eating and drinking mindfully to fuel the body and brain efficiently; Energy Capacity, designed to help employees improve their fitness to cope with both the mental and physical demands of work; and Energy Rest and Recovery, which details how adequate rest and recovery has an impact on an employee’s ability to perform at their best.

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The programme, provided by Beyond the Barriers, includes talks by Olympic kayaker Anna Hemmings and Olympic rower Toby Garbett (pictured), an informative top tips booklet, short animation videos, and access to a WellPoint Kiosk, which assesses weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular disease risk, and heart age.

The programme also offers practical tips for employees, for example ensuring they start their day by having breakfast, the importance of staying hydrated, ensuring to take regular breaks, and being able to get fresh air and exercise. The scheme also covers psychological issues, for example, highlighting how negative thoughts can eat into their energy usage to employees.

Aimee Skelly-Burgess, safety, health and environment communications manager, safety, strategy and support services at UK Power Networks, said: “It is absolutely fantastic to work with two Olympians on how to keep our energy levels up throughout the day. They are the best of the best and we’ve had so many great tips on how to keep energised.

“We want to do everything we can to ensure our [employees] are able to work safely and efficiently, providing a platform to improve resilience, reduce the risk of stress and increasing peoples’ capacity to cope. The intention is to have enough energy for all our [employees] to work effectively and also enjoy their personal lives.”