International Supplement 2005 News MG Rover readies expatriate package

MG Rover expects its expatriate benefits package to help if employees take up a recent offer to move to China. As part of a reorganisation, the car manufacturer has asked all employees whether they would be prepared to move to Shanghai to help its Chinese partner SAIC. Communications director Daniel Ward said: "This company has in the past had people work in Germany, [so the benefits package] is pretty well proven. It’s not like this is the first time we’ve had people work overseas so I think the processes are well in place." Ward admitted that the numbers could be small, because while the majority of MG Rover employees that left their roles as part of the restructure worked in administration, sales and marketing, the demand is likely to be for technical skilled labour. He added that a number of engineers had been working in China as part of a project in the three months leading up to Christmas.