Employers should promote CSR to staff

Employers have an important role to play in promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues to staff.

Employers and pressure groups are often seen as the most trusted sources of information on environmental and social issues, according to a survey of 761 BT employees. These were followed by the government, the media and high street retailers.

More than half of those surveyed (58%) said BT’s employee awareness initiatives on CSR were an effective way of increasing their knowledge, while 62% said internal initiatives had influenced their eco-friendly habits.

The survey was carried out ahead of BT’s annual CSR Week, held between 10 March and 14 March, designed to raise awareness of CSR activities. Companies such as Biffa, Eurostar, Nigel’s Eco Store showcased sustainable/ethical products and services, while employees were given advice on how to be more environmentally friendly at work and at home.