Amey aims to build fitness with staff health initiatives

Infrastructure provider Amey has launched online health assessments, diet clubs and a pedometer challenge for its 11,000 employees.

The wellbeing initiatives aim to address misconceptions about the health and fitness of Amey’s workforce.

Wellbeing manager Helen Knight said the idea that people who worked on outdoor projects were healthy was often untrue. “Workers tend not to be super-fit because they work shift patterns and also because they can eat quite unhealthily.”

Last month, Amey introduced online health assessments, provided by Validium, called ‘Vclub health check’, where a health report is produced based on information provided by an employee, such as height, weight and alcohol intake. In its first three weeks, the site received 300 hits.

The company has also launched diet clubs for staff who want to lose weight. Participants weigh in at the beginning of every session and discuss ways to lose weight, such as using low-fat recipes. “The diet clubs have had fantastic feedback; one has 24 members,” said Knight. “Considering some of our depots are just one Portakabin, they are still running it for an hour at a convenient time for them.”

A pedometer challenge began on 29 March, with teams of four employees aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day and prizes on offer for the teams that walk the furthest.

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