Case study: Trader Media offers self-service fleet scheme

Trader Media Group (TMG) fully outsourced the management of its cash allowance scheme and car fleet to Zenith Provecta in 2009.

The publisher, which owns the Auto Trader website, runs a fully expensed company car and fuel card scheme for its 256 essential business drivers, most of whom work in sales and drive at least 10,000 miles a year. TMG’s cash
allowance scheme also covers about 170 staff who are not essential business drivers but do a small amount of business mileage.

Zenith Provecta has a website that allows drivers to arrange test drives, order cars online and book services. Natalie Hulbert, head of health, safety and environment at Trader Media Group, says: “It is the best fit for our business because it goes down the route of self-service, where previously internal management was quite a big factor in relation to our fleet. It is a much more user-friendly process for the driver, with one point of contact.”

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