The Pensions Regulator launches next phase in contacting employers about auto-enrolment

More than 200,000 employers, advisers and industry bodies have been contacted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), advising them of their role in workplace pensions reform.

In a series of interviews with TPR, employers made it clear that HR will be central to both the implementation and the ongoing monitoring of pension arrangements under auto-enrolment.

In further research by TPR, HR professionals confirmed that they see themselves as playing a pivotal role in workplace pension reform, acting as a key point of liaison for employers.

More than a quarter of HR professionals surveyed have already undertaken auto-enrolment activities on behalf of these employers.

Charles Counsell, executive director for employer compliance at TPR, said: “In the next four weeks, we expect to send around 100,000 letters and over 30,000 targeted emails to advisers, accountants and HR professionals.

“These will act as a reminder of the new employer duties and the crucial role that these advisers will play as employer clients approach their staging dates.

“So far, we have issued over 200,000 letters and emails to advisers, industry bodies and individual employers, and we will keep using direct communications where we feel the need is greatest.

“This is about making compliance as easy as possible for employers, and the first part of that is making sure that they understand their duties and are able to get help from those around them.”

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