Events manager job pays most lucrative salary


Something for the weekend…

Pay and benefits are often the first thing we consider when searching for a job. 

And what a pleasant surprise you would get if you stumbled across a job advertisement for an events manager at an unknown digital agency firm that was published this week.

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The business was apparently prepared to pay an astonishing annual salary of between £300000000000 to £350000000000.

You would become the richest person on the planet on a salary this big, and so probably overlook the offer of a pension, holiday and bonus, which also form part of the organisation’s benefits package.

The gem of a job and its perks was found by Julian Regan-Mears, the head of external communications at The De Beers Group of Companies, who kindly posted the advert for the world to see on Twitter.

Employee Benefits assumes that the employer in question is actually offering a salary of between £30,000 to £35,000 a year, but if not, Regan-Mears’ tweet sums it up nicely: “And you thought bankers were well paid…”.