RSM reviews car payments following staff feedback

Accountancy firm RSM Bentley Jennison is imposing CO2 limits on its fleet and is reviewing the amount of cash that it provides staff each month through its cash allowance scheme.

Following feedback from staff that the cash allowance levels are too low, the firm has asked its provider ING to benchmark the rates paid against those of its main competitors.

The current allowance given to the 80 employees in the cash allowance scheme is dependent on grade, and ranges from £291 per month to £500 per month for top-level directors.

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Amanda Stevenson-Bate, group HR manager at RSM Bentley Jennison, said: “We want research from ING so that we can see what our competitors are doing on this.”

The accountancy firm is also placing restrictions on the amount of CO2 that cars in the company fleet emit, so that drivers can now only use vehicles that produce 189 grams per kilometre or less.

ING will also conduct risk reviews for the firm. This will include checking driver licences and monitoring the time spent by employees behind the wheel during working hours to ensure that each driver is operating within the law.