JLT sees 9.3% average auto-enrolment opt out

EXCLUSIVE: JLT Employee Benefits has recorded a 9.3% auto-enroloment opt-out rate among its employer clients.

The employee benefits adviser used BenPal, its benefits management platform, to help 50 large employers auto-enrol their employees.

The organisation assessed 287,712 candidates, enrolled 11,162 employees and saw 1,037 employees opt out of their employer’s auto-enrolment pension scheme between October 2012 and April 2013.

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But McDonald’s Restaurants has seen only 2.4% of its hourly-paid employees and 2.7% of its salaried staff that were auto-enrolled on 1 January 2013 opt out.

Before auto-enrolment was introduced on 1 October 2012, the industry predicted that employers should expect opt-out rates of between 20% and 30%.

Mark Pemberthy, director at JLT Employee Benefits, said: “Getting the data right is critical and the levels of opt-out rate within our [employer] client bank represent levels that we are seeing in the wider market.

“It’s a big investment to make in auto-enrolment work, but the outcomes are really good for the employers and employees.”