Willis Employee Benefits partners Benefex

Willis Employee Benefits has partnered benefits provider Benefex to create a new approach to employee benefits.


The partnership will combine human capital, employee benefits brokerage and consultancy services with benefits technology and communications.

Willis and Benefex will work together to create new products and services for employers. Their strategy will also have a strong focus on data and HR analytics.

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Combining the organisations’ technology, broking and consultancy services is aimed at creating an approach to help employers with employee engagement and people risk issues.

It will also see the introduction of Benefex’s flexible benefits platform RewardHub into Willis’ offering.

The partnership comes after a review of its offering and Willis restructured its global benefits practice in January 2014.

Tony Powis, chief executive officer of Willis Employee Benefits, said: “In order to deliver our new approach to human capital and benefits consultancy, we needed to lay the groundwork first and partner with [Benefex].”

Gethin Nadin, director of ecosystems at Benefex, added: “By combining our technology with Willis’ approach to broking and consultancy, we believe we have created an approach to helping employers with employee engagement and people risk issues.”