Consensus offers staff PMI after six months service

London-based recruitment consultancy Consensus automatically provides staff with access to a private medical insurance (PMI) scheme after six months’ service. Two years ago, its premium increased sharply. After looking around, managing director Martin Tyrrell, found a cheaper premium with extra health and wellbeing benefits added in. “Most PMI (policies) are similar in terms of hospitals and treatment, and their exclusions but in terms of the pure costs, we saved a lot of money and we got the wellbeing (elements) to boot,” he explains.

Under the Standard Life policy that Consensus now offers, staff receive regular e-newsletters focusing on issues such as sleep, stress and nutrition. They can also fill in online questionnaires and receive individual feedback about how they can improve their health and wellbeing.

“You also get access to expert medical advice so if you are worried about a child, yourself or a partner you can ring up 24-7. We also got a masseuse for a year [once a month in the office] which we have kept on at our own cost.”

Tyrrell believes the company’s low incidence of stress and sickness, and below-average staff turnover are partially due to the healthcare benefits that the policy provides. “I’m not saying that it is the only reason, but I think it is part of the package that helps us retain people,” he adds.