Molton Brown offers retirement courses to staff

Maker of luxury beauty goods Molton Brown is offering retirement design courses to support its older employees.

The one-day course, provided by Jelf Employee Benefits, offers detailed information on financial opportunities and challenges of retirement, as well as the impact it has on relationships and the amount of spare time a person has.

The course is designed to help employees and their partners to think ahead and understand what life will be like when they stop working. A small number of Molton Brown employees will attend the courses with other companies each year.

Natalie Morgan, group HR and development director at Molton Brown, said: “The stark fact is that an estimated 15 million Britons will be retiring in 20 years time. It’s always been Molton Brown’s purpose to make sure all our employees have useful benefits, no matter which part of the work cycle they are in. We have many long-serving employees and, simply, they deserve this support. The course helps them prepare well in advance of leaving our employment, offering valuable ideas on how to best manage their finances, their time and, ultimately, their feelings about retirement”.

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