BSkyB opts for outsourced admin

Case study: BSkyB

BSkyB launched its salary sacrifice scheme, Sky Choices, in March 2005. It offers 11,000 employees a home computing scheme, bicycles and childcare vouchers.

Dev Raval, group head of reward, started by considering two options – a one-stop shop provider that could perform the admin for the whole scheme and an in-house scheme made up of the company’s pick of the providers.

“We researched who was in the market and then put together a request for information (RFI). It means that when someone is replying to us, they are not just sending us their brochure, they are replying against specific questions.”

After the RFI, Raval asked several providers to present their solutions to him and his team. They opted for Grass Roots, which could supply and administrate the whole scheme. Although Grass Roots selected the suppliers within the scheme, Raval believes this was preferable to running it in-house.