Qinetiq chooses own providers in outsourced scheme

Case study: Qinetiq

When Qinetiq, the defence technology and security company, revamped its benefits package in November 2004 it added home computers, childcare vouchers and bicycles on a salary sacrifice basis.

Delivering the best possible scheme for its 9,500 UK-based employees meant looking carefully at potential suppliers. Qinetiq’s group head of reward and performance, John Leighton-Jones, decided early on that a third party should handle the administration of the scheme.

"We looked at the ease of use and their project management skills. Our IT department [also] camped out with their IT [department] and pulled their systems apart to make sure they satisfied our standards of security," he explains.

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Qinetiq opted for Motivano to run the overall scheme, but were able to choose its own suppliers for each of the benefits offered through it.

"We went through a very similar tender process as we did for Motivano. For bikes we chose Halfords, for home computing we chose Dell and for childcare vouchers we chose Sodexho," says Leighton-Jones.