Case study: Learning and Skills Council

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) ensures women get parity by carrying out annual equal pay audits.

Alastair Hatch (pictured), head of reward at the training body, says: “The LSC uses a range of approaches to ensure consistency and equality in the application of pay and benefits. One of these is conducting an equal pay review following the implementation of annual pay awards.” It makes financial sense for organisations to get in touch with their feminine side, adds Hatch. “The business case for equality in reward goes beyond legal and moral obligations.

†Inequality in pay and benefits, perceived or otherwise, will quickly lead to negativity in the working environment and poses a risk to our external reputation.” The LSC gets regular feedback from its 3,600 employees on what it can do to close the gender gap. There are 11 regional discussion forums where staff can voice their views.

Hatch adds: “In addition, the LSC’s trade union has a specific forum which regularly meets with management on equality and diversity and works on policies, including our equal pay audit.”