Case Study : Rok

Construction firm Rok launched a flexible benefits scheme in April this year, and has already identified several areas that it intends to review after its first year in order to improve the service and drive up participation.

One such area is communication, as the company believes its current techniques are not pushing the scheme to every employee within the business. It now plans to survey staff in order to identify whether new communication tools would drive scheme take-up.

Richard Sadler, head of reward at Rok, explains: “What we are not happy with is whether we have reached the entire population at Rok with the flex information, and engaged with all employees.”

It also intends to review its internal processes around flex, and determine if offering the scheme is creating more or less work for departments such as payroll and IT. “I want to look at the system in general, [to] see whether it is holding together and whether it is saving us money or creating more work for the company,” adds Sadler.