Discounted holiday plan can be offered through flex

Frequent Holidays has launched a scheme that enables employers to offer staff discounts on holidays through a flexible benefits plan.

Neil Ward, chief executive officer of Frequent Holidays, said: “The employer pays for the vouchers and then recoups the cost from the employee, as part of a flexible benefits programme. The employees will be paying that off on a regular basis, so in effect they are getting an interest-free loan on a discounted holiday.”

The programme requires employers to purchase vouchers worth a specified number of points, each of which relate to a particular holiday resort. For example, a voucher worth 100,0000 points will cost £1,200 for a holiday that would have cost about £2,000 on the high street.

Ward claimed that the scheme offers savings of 65% or more if holidays are booked within 14 days of travelling. However, he added: “[Staff] will only be able to take the destinations [which are] available at that time, like any other last-minute option.”

The company is offering a choice of 4,000 resorts in more than 100 holiday destinations.