Goodrich Corporation achieves high sharesave take-up

More than half of employees at aerospace manufacturer Goodrich Corporation have opted to take part in its new sharesave scheme.

The company has achieved a take-up rate of more than 58% among its 2,500 workers.

Staff can choose to take part in either a three- or five-year plan. Jayne Gill, HR shared services manager, said the scheme was launched “to a great extent” from employee feedback. It was communicated via posters, brochures and presentations.

“We have got people here who have been working for us for more than 25 years and they have been waiting for this,” said Gill. “Take-up has been phenomenal.”

Staff have an option to purchase shares at a 20% discount and can save up to £250 a month. The scheme, administered by Yorkshire Building Society, was launched earlier this year.

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