Employee attitudes to dentistry and impacts for companies


Key points:
✓✓ Up to 92% of companies believe that good dental health supports overall wellbeing
✓✓ Up to 87% of companies are aware of the rising cost of dental cover
✓✓ 26% of employees believe that dental access issues are affecting their oral health

The 2011 Dental Benefits Survey revealed that the number of company decision makers who believe that NHS access issues are having an effect on their employees’ dental health increases as the companies get larger in size – rising from 21% to 46% among larger companies. Interestingly, this contrasts with a slight decline in the number of decision makers who believe there are issues around NHS access – from 75% in 2010 to 68% in 2011. This suggests that companies view the impact of NHS access on employees as distinct from their own perceptions of access issues.

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