VIDEO: Brian Newman: Substitute engagement for involvement

Employers should substitute the word ‘engagement’ for ‘involvement’, said Brian Newman, vice president of HR at Live Nation International, during an interview with Debbie Lovewell, deputy editor of Employee Benefits.

He added: “To me, it’s about using every opportunities to engage our employees in strategic direction, social events, with learning activites and reward planning. Do it, take the opportunity to involve them.”

The organisation motivates its employees by involving them in all its various business activities. “We’re very lucky,” he said. ”There is nothing as exciting as going to an event and seeing the artist come on stage.

”We get our staff out into the field to see what it is we do. We have opportunities for them to access tickets, and we also make sure we are communicating all our core strategic goals with them continuously.”

Newman delivered the keynote session on employee engagement on 26 September at Employee Benefits Live