How do you recognise the Queen for long service?

The Queen

Something for the weekend: Long service awards are a great way to acknowledge and recognise committed members of staff, and this week the Armed Forces celebrated one of itsĀ most well-known commanders: Her Majesty The Queen.

Alongside her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth has been presented with long service and good conduct medals to commemorate her 65 years of service as the commander in chief of the Armed Forces.

Holding the post since herĀ ascensionĀ to the throne in 1952, The Queen has received three medals in total, one each forĀ the Royal Navy, Army, and the Royal Air Force. Each individual medal has five bars on its ribbon to denote her years of service.

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The Duke of Edinburgh received a medal from the Royal Navy boasting six bars to represent his 75 years of service.

The medal, which has recently been extended to includeĀ those ranked as military officers, recognises theĀ good conduct of Armed Forces personnel over a 15-year period.

Here at Employee Benefits, although we cannot boast to having 65 years of service, between the editorial team we have approximately 21Ā years of service. That at least deserves some chocolate, right?