19% motivated by regular rewards


Around one in five (19%) of employees are motivated by regular workplace rewards such as weekly or monthly treats, according to research by corporate gift card provider One4all Rewards.

Its Push the button report, which surveyed 1,008 UK adults, also found that benefits such as increased pension contributions, savings on travel or food, and healthcare would result in an increase in output for 18% of respondents.

The report also found:

  • 78% of respondents would not work significantly harder in exchange for a bonus equivalent to 10% of their annual salary.
  • Workplace incentives equivalent to 25% of annual salaries would not motivate 59% of respondents.
  • A 10% pay increase would only result in 22% of respondents working harder.
  • 74% of respondents said they are more motivated and would increase their efforts at work if there was an extra incentive offered.

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Declan Byrne (pictured), UK managing director at One4all Rewards, said: “From this research, it’s clear to see that while bonus culture is impactful, it isn’t always an effective driver of increased output or motivation for many employees. As it can be very expensive for businesses, this is an important learning for many UK employers to acknowledge.”