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Koa Health helps companies support employee wellbeing every day, across departments, locations and industries.

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A leading global provider of workplace mental health solutions, Koa Health helps companies support employee wellbeing every day, across departments, locations and industries. Trusted by leading insurers and employers, such as Mapfre, O2, Jack.org and Education First, Koa Health leverages deep clinical expertise, research, and technology to deliver practical, personalised and accessible evidence-based support that meets people where they are, empowering them to change their behaviours and work towards improved wellbeing. Our top-ranked mobile-first solutions have been shown to have a positive impact on stress, resilience, sleep and overall life satisfaction with just two weeks of use in randomised control studies. Find out more at KoaHealth.com.


Workplace wellbeing made easy with Koa Health

From accessible, evidence-based mental wellbeing for your workforce to organisational support for your in-house team, Koa Health has you covered.

Foundations: Wellbeing & sleep

Top-ranked by ORCHA and OneMind, Koa Foundations is a mobile-first solution designed to support employee’s mental wellbeing with evidence-based techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment training (ACT), positive psychology and more. Shown to have a positive impact on stress, resilience, sleep and overall life satisfaction within just two weeks of use in randomised controlled trials (RCT), Foundations empowers your team to get proactive about their mental health and wellbeing and offers inclusive self-guided support on good days and bad, as well as a wellbeing check-in to help them track their progress over time.

Foundations + Organisational Support Programme

Help your employees build resilience with Foundations’ app-based mental wellbeing platform—shown to improve mental wellbeing in two weeks. Add Koa’s organisational support programme and ensure your in-house team has everything they need to build (and maintain) a company culture that prizes and prioritises wellbeing, including 12m+ of marketing resources to help promote wellbeing behaviours in your workplace.

Premium services

Organisational Assessment

Find out what your organisation needs to create and maintain a culture of wellbeing with this practical evaluation of where you’re at today.

Expert leadership advice

Access expert advice designed to guide your organisation in its efforts to support employee wellbeing and track your progress from your employer dashboard.

Activation Events

Reinforce wellbeing culture in your workplace, raise awareness, and boost engagement with our experience-based events.

Manager training

Ensure your managers have what they need to manage employee wellbeing with interactive learning and peer-based support.

Champions Programme

Build a team of project champions who are excited to share Foundations with their colleagues via interactive learning modules and shared resources.


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Koa Health works with clients across diverse locations and industries to support employee mental health and wellbeing and build individual and organisational resilience. Leading insurers and employers such as O2, Mapfre, Jack.org and Education First partner with us to prioritise and protect employee mental health, and in so doing increase engagement, productivity and retention while reducing business risks linked to poor wellbeing and mental ill health such as absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.

Below you can see what a few of our clients and users have to say about us.

Client feedback and case studies:

‘The app is evidence-based, intuitive, and gives our team and volunteer network the tools they need to look out for mental health, sleep better and manage stress’. -Emma Kerr, Jack Org.

Mental health across borders

Telecommunications and mental health

App-based wellbeing during difficult times

User feedback

‘I’ve extensively used it and felt the benefits, for worrying less, relaxing and switching off.’

‘The sleep stuff is amazing! Nothing’s ever worked so fast or been explained so well to me.’

‘My clinical mind likes that it is evidence-based and more interactive than just meditation.’

‘It’s a toolbox that’s not going to overwhelm you with things to do, it’s 5-10 min at a time’

Research and science
Our cutting edge research, published in leading journals such as Nature, Behavior Therapy, and Oxford University Press is conducted in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science, Massachusetts General Hospital, NHS Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, University College London and the Center for Brain and Cognition.