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Myles is an inclusive physical wellbeing platform which rewards employees for moving more, reducing sick days, improving productivity and retention.

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About us:

Employee wellbeing, made simple

Myles is an app to encourage individuals in teams and organisations to become more physically active. We provide motivation through gamification (trophies, points, challenges) and powerful social dynamics (competing with / against peers). Users get rewarded for their physical activities.

You can reward your employees with a range of vouchers to incentivise positive wellbeing habits. We have this all covered for you directly within our app.

  • Automatic giftcard fulfilment
  • Cost included in your plan, no nasty surprises
  • Vouchers for 40+ popular brands and shops
  • Offer custom rewards that suit your organisation

Reward employees

Employees can get competitive with monthly leaderboards as well as one-off challenges. Incentivise with a range of budget friendly options.

Fully inclusive

We normalise activities and sports so that everyone can see themselves on a fair leaderboard no matter how they exercise. The leaderboards reward individual improvement as well as total effort.

Hassle-free experience

Integrations with existing tools such as Slack, Apple Health, Google Fit and loads more make life easy. You don’t even need to send us any employee data, so you can sleep easy that your data is still private.

We connect with a range of fitness apps and wearables including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin and many more. Check out all the fitness trackers we connect to here:

An inclusive wellbeing platform all of your employees can engage with

Incentivise improvement

As well as viewing total effort, you can also view a leaderboard on how much employees have improved.

Support for all activity types

Whether it’s the daily dog walk or your competitive ice hockey practice, Myles supports hundreds of activities and sports.

Flexible rewards

Myles works with your existing reward systems to keep life simple for everyone and to suit a range of budgets.

Connect with 30+ devices

No one wants to use yet another tracker. That’s why we have connections with a range of existing fitness trackers, meaning you can still use your favourite one.

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Contact details:


“The platform creates a genuine sense of excitement and encourages connection. I would highly recommend trying this to improve wellbeing of your entire organisation.” Ben Walsh, Learning & Development Manager, Global Credit Card Company.

“Fantastic app to get motivated and use as a team building exercise or for your own personal motivation! Run by a lovely and helpful team. Would highly recommend.” Amber F

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say how much I am loving the Myles App!! It’s such a brilliant idea and i’m finding it super motivating to make me actually get exercise.steps in. It’s not often you see apps that actually have decent rewards, but i’ve got my eyes on all the rewards on this one which I think is going a logn way to making me stay motivated :)” – Tracey-Anne